Unlock Your Inner Geek!




Here at GMB Tech we aim to be the home of all your gaming, technology and geeky needs!

We have a great range of merchandise from your favourite games, tv shows, movies, anime and more!

We stock all sorts of gadgets too! have high end phones, tablets and laptops if you're looking to upgrade. Or we have budget phones ideal for festivals, holidays or even just as a spare.

We Buy Your Old & Unwanted Games & Gadgets!

That old drawer in your home with all the old phones and electronics could be worth money!

Everyone has that one drawer in their house that gets stuffed with old or unwanted junk which gets forgotten about. Well we're asking you to see what's in there! If you have any old phones, gadgets or games bring them in store!

We can scan them through our till and give you a no obligation quote. You could walk out with hassle free cash in hand on the same day!

If you are bringing in a device please make sure you clean it before bringing it in store. If there is no evidence of cleaning, staff may refuse to look at your device.

What Would You Like to See In-Store?

There is so much merchandise to choose from!

We Currently stock a great range of merchandise in-store. POP Vinyl's, action figures, statues, clothing, Cos-play props, comics, trading cards, board games and so much more!

But we need YOUR help to decide what to stock! if there are any ranges you would like to see in-store from trading cards to Statues, Board Games to Replica Weapons, Comics to Jumpers.

Nothing is out of the question and we want to keep building the range we have in store so if there is anything you would like see, let us know via the contact us page, get in touch on facebook or pop in-store.