At GMB Tech - Geek Box, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Below you’ll find a list of all our policies. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for - please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Our Store Policies

Our Return Policy

3 Day Good Will Policy - Here at GMB we understand that you may change your mind or simply just be unhappy with your choice. Because of this, we offer a 3 day returns policy, this allows you to return any items you may have bought within 3 days, providing you can provide your receipt for proof of purchase and the goods are in the same state/condition as purchased.


30 Days Statutory Refund Policy - If your item has developed a fault through ‘no fault of your own’ (accidental or consumer damage), Provided it is returned with a receipt and we can verify the fault, we can offer a full refund to the original payment method, repair or replace the item, or exchange it for something else of equal value.



6 Month Gadget Warranty – After the 30-day statuary refund period, if your item develops a fault through ‘no fault of your own’ (accidental or consumer damage), we will aim to repair or replace the item. If this isn't possible, we will issue a refund to the original payment method at the original sales value, provided the item is returned within 3 months from the date of purchase. After the 3-month period, we will then offer an exchange or store credit to the current sales value.


All faults must be verified to honour the warranty. 

Proof of purchase is required for all returns.

Faults due to batteries and/or cables are not covered beyond 30 days. 

Consumables are not covered beyond 30 days.

The 3 Day Goodwill Policy does not include new items.

Repairs Warranty

30 Day Warranty With Repairs.


Here at GMB Tech we understand that repairs even with trained technicians can go wrong. Whether it’s a faulty part or something not fitted quite right. Because of this we offer a 30 day warranty with *all repairs carried out by our technicians as long as you have your receipt. Our warranty covers any components/parts we have provided as part of the repair and any problems caused by the work carried out by our technicians. This does not cover any knock on effects that have been caused by the initial problem, EG. Liquid Damage, loose glass etc.


With all of our repairs we fit warranty seals. If the seal is removed or looks as

though it has been tampered with, we cannot offer the warranty.


With all of our repairs you are given a receipt, your receipt is your warranty so please keep this safe in case of any problems. If you cannot produce your receipt, we cannot offer the warranty.


When booking in a repair you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the disclaimer which is on display in-store.


Due to the nature of liquid damage, we cannot offer a warranty on any liquid damaged devices.


We will not cover the device if: **Any additional damage has been caused by the customer after the repair, damage resulting from misuse, liquid damage, software related issues, loss of data, any cracks/chips/deep scratches on the screen, Faults not relating to the original repair (EG, Charge port replaced now power button is not working).


If you have any problems with your device after submitting it to GMB Tech for a repair, feel free to bring it back into one of our technicians to take a look at with your receipt and if a fault is found with the part supplied, or any damage has been caused by our Technician, we will re-repair the device for free or replace with a ***like-for-like.


*Unless previously discussed. Excludes liquid damaged devices.


**This list includes, but is not limited to things, our warranty does not cover.


***With a like-for-like replacement, we will do our best to replace your device with the exact model you originally brought to us for only the cost of the quoted repair. We will keep your old device,

wipe it and if it can’t be fixed, recycle it. If an exact replacement is not available, we will find one that you are happy with or refund the repair.  It may take up to 10 days to source a replacement. Replacement device will be as close to the condition of the device originally brought in for repair.

Trading in a device?

Selling / Trading in?


When Selling / Trading in a device you are agreeing to the following:

1) I agree that by signing my receipt, I have agreed the price quoted on said receipt.

2) I Understand that once the purchase price is paid to me, GMB TECH will become the owner of the goods, the goods no longer belong to me and I have no right to ask for the goods back.

3) I Declare that the goods I am selling to GMB TECH are my own property, that they are not subject to any rental, hire purchase or other instalment credit agreement and that no other person has any rights over or interest in the goods.

4) I undertake to pay you the full purchase price of any goods which are not in fact my property or which are seized, repossessed or lawfully confiscated from you or any person to whom it may be later sold on, or if any person makes any lawful claim to them. I will repay the amount to you within 28 days of being requested to do so.

5) I declare that any statements that I have made to you concerning the goods are true and correct and I understand that you may have relied on them in deciding whether to decide to buy the goods from me.

6) I declare that I am over the age of 18 Years.

It is the policy of GMB TECH to work with the police to prevent and detect crime. GMB Tech will make available any details of any transaction which will identify individual customers to the police on the request to assist them with their enquiries. GMB TECH may also notify the police of their identity of any customer if it is believed they may be attempting to sell stolen property.

Repair Disclaimer

It is the customers responsibility to back-up any personal data before booking a device in for repair. GMB Tech will not be held liable for any loss of data whilst attempting a repair. This applies to internal device memory, and any external memory (sim cards, memory cards). Although most repairs don't result in a loss of data, this is always a possibility.


By booking in your device, you understand that any previous warranties you have (with GMB Tech or any other manufacturer/repair service) will be made void.


Liquid damage incurs a £10 charge, whether the repair is successful or not. This is due to the labour required to attempting to fix liquid damage. It is mainly a trial and error repair, cleaning all parts, and replacing each part to find which parts are still functioning and which ones aren't. In some cases, all parts are damaged and some liquid damaged devices appear to be working, this is due to corrosion on the components shorting together. When attempting a repair, the engineer cleans the board to remove any liquid, this may remove a short circuit and may result in the device no longer powering up rendering the device un usable and BER (Beyond Economical Repair). Because of this, most mobile phone manufacturers do not entertain any form of liquid damage. If booking in a device which is liquid damaged (whether this is pointed out before booking in the device or found during the repair) GMB Tech cannot be held liable for the device becoming dead. If there is a chance your device has been liquid damaged, please let us know.


GMB Tech will notify you when your device has been repaired or has been found to be BER (Beyond Economical Repair) and is available to be collected (Providing contact details have been provided). If you do not collect your device within 60 days of the booking in date, the device becomes property of GMB Tech and we will dispose of the device. Any sum obtained from disposal of said device will be used to meet any unpaid estimate or repair chargers you are liable to pay.


If we make an offer to replace your device and you agree to a replacement device, you are agreeing that your damaged device is now our property. If you do not want your device replaced, we will offer to refund the amount paid for the repair and return the device to yourself in the *same condition as brought to us.


By booking in the device for repair, you are completely agreeing to these terms and conditions.


Please keep your receipt safe as it is required for your warranty.



*If the device was physically damaged, we may not be able to fit the original parts back together due to bends/dents/broken glass etc. If this is the case, we will put the device back together the best we can with the original parts and place altogether for you to collect.